12 Oct

Our Amazing Donators

We have some amazing business’s who have donated to our cause and we want to thank them because it means so much! If you would like to donate please visit our donation page to learn more. The donator list is based on the quantity of contribution.

Gold Level

Gold level donators are those that have contributed the most to our cause. Please visit the link above if you like to be on the Gold level.

Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO is a leading Atlanta SEO company who has supported us from the very beginning.


Priority specialized in STD testing in San Antonio and is now one of our biggest donators. They are also serving a noble cause by giving people the opportunity to test for an epidemic in our society.


TierPoint is the top data center in Philadelphia and has supported our efforts through think and thin. We can’t thank them enough.

Silver Level

Silver level donators are some of our best contributors and will more than likely be on the Gold level in the near future.

Best Guitar Effects

Best Guitar Effects is an online guitar lessons website that analyzes the best training programs online for learning guitar like Guitar Tricks. Guitar Tricks is the leading online guitar lessons website. Your contribution means everything to us. Thank you!

Bolt Restoration

Bolt Restoration is the best St Louis commercial roofing and St. Louis roofing there is. What’s crazy is that I actually used their services for my home. They have been one of our best supports for years and many years to come as well.

Bronze Level

Bronze level donators are often our newest donators and they will soon reach the Silver level, and eventually the Gold.

Murdock Solon

Murdock Solon NYC architects have established themselves as the best architects in New York City. They are also one of the most generous business’s because they have diligently supported our cause. We thank you!

Chicago Wedding Photographer

ChicagoWeddingPhotographer.com, also known Crane’s Photography, has supported us since the very beginning. I highly recommend this guy if you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer in Chicago. Thanks again Crane!